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Enhance Your Teaching and Learning with Technology

Create efficient learning activities to support your learning goals. Learning Unit can support your teaching with training, advice and assistance in a number of ways.

Teaching and learning activities are the activities that you design to help your students achieve the intended learning outcomes for the course. Teaching and learning activities include but are not limited to:
  • Delivering a lecture
  • Having students present something
  • Engaging students in a collaborative learning exercise
  • Having a student:
    • analyze something
    • practice something
    • describe something
    • discuss something
    • reflect on something
    • review something
    • summarize something
    • assess others or something
    • assess themself
    • etc.

The key point here is that the design of the teaching and learning activities is driven by the intended learning outcomes.

For example:

If you write learning outcomes that require students to demonstrate higher order thinking and/or to master a particular skill, then you need to design teaching and learning activities that will help students to achieve these outcomes.

Examples of teaching and learning activities that encourage higher order thinking might include a mini-project, or a case study that requires students to draw on knowledge from different areas of the curriculum.

Examples of activities that can help students to master a skill include demonstration coupled with practice activities on e.g. a coding assignment with reinforcement through watching you performing it in a video clip.

In the example below, a teacher is demonstrating how to solve a certain task by doing the actual programming during an exercise class. Students can then later review the video in their own pace before having to solve a similar assignment themselves.

Teaching with Technology
learnIT (VLE)

eTools with ITU Access
  • Adobe Connect Pro - for online meetings and colla-
  • Google Apps - calendar, documents, forms, sites,
  • Podio - for project management, communication, collaboration, organizing.

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