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Video Recording

Video is everywhere and it has become more easily available than ever, but whether you should use it or not is the question.

Common Uses for Video Recording

  • Lecture Capturing (full or partial)
  • Exam preparation videos
  • Introduction videos to course
  • Focusing on especially complicated topics
  • Flipped classroom
    • Watch lecture at home; class room activities focus on exercises or other types of activities
  • Screen Capturing with video (picture of speaker)

How to get started

Before you start making videos of your course, you need to ask yourself: "Why do I want to record my lecture?". There are many reason for wanting to record lectures; self evaluation, helping the students (video as visual notes), flipped classroom, highlighting especially hard topics, for netcasting (episodic content) - just to name a few. Once those initial thoughts have been made, use our request form to tell us about your scenario and we will help you turn your ideas into reality.

Our support can go from simply lending you a camera, microphone, or supplying you with screen capturing software to helping you broadcast an entire event, depending on the scope of your request.


Popular exam preparation video
Philippe Bonnet teaching "Functional Dependencies"

Lecture by guest lecturer
Rina Castillo talks about managing teams off shore

Low tech lecture capturing
Last lecture by Joseph Kiniry

Screen Capture
Screen captured lecture by Andrea Corradini

Introduction/teaser video for an ITU project
Senior Interaction with Lone Malmborg

Live streamed event
NSA event: Overvåget - presented by Information

One Click Lecture Recording
Global IT with Gitte Stald

Tutorial (test with self editing)
learnIT Tutorials - Rune K. Jensen

High Production Value Video
Presentation of specific topics - Kevin Pedersen

Presentation with GreenscreenTest presentation - Rune K. Jensen

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