Project and Thesis Supervision Course
The course focuses on how to provide project and thesis supervision in practice.

This course is a mandatory module on the Teacher Development Programme for assistant professors, but all other ITU supervisors are welcome. However the course is aimed at inexperienced supervisors. We recommend Peer Pilot Supervision for more experienced supervisors.

Peer Feedback on Project Supervision
This framework offers all supervisors at ITU a voluntary and simple way of cultivating their supervision skills related to project and thesis supervision at the IT University.
The components are
  • Thematic readings on supervision.
  • Peer observations.
  • Feedback combined with shared reflections.
  • The learning process is done in groups of three.
The framework is distributed via the flyer supplied from the link above.
The flyer provides information on all the phases in the framework and instructions on how to work with it.

Various resources on supervision: