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What can we do for you?

The Learning Unit can assist teachers in a range of areas related to the development of teaching & learning:
  • One-on-one meeting with teachers on planning teaching and on organising learning activities.
  • Help course managers describe new courses or revise old ones in the course base. We can assist with formulating intended learning outcomes (ILOs) according to the SOLO taxonomy. We can also assist with descriptions of learning activities and assessment forms. You can either contact us or read the course description guidelines here.
  • Give feedback on teaching. Together with teachers generate new ideas for learning activities in relation to content, student profiles, intended learning outcomes, assessment etc.
  • Offer short internal workshops (teachIT) for small groups of teachers on topics such as: interactive methods in large classes, peer-to-peer methods, learnIT/wikis/podcast, distributed online learning processes, description of intended learning outcome.
  • A catalogue of types of teaching and learning activities as well as examples of activities within various subject areas. Good pedagogical teaching practice here .
  • We provide pedagogical support for our faculty looking to enhance teaching and learning with learning technology.
  • Introduce new teachers to good teaching practice methods and organize observation of experienced teachers' practice.
  • Recommend literature regarding teaching and learning. Literature references can be found in this wiki under each type of learning activity. But here is a list of good books and web pages about learning in theory and practice. Here is a literature list that the learning units at all the Danish Universities use.
  • Offer programme to Assistant Professors. The Teacher Development Programme (Old version: Assistant Professors Programme APP)
  • Offer Introductory Teacher Development Programme for PhDs. Read more.
  • Exam seminar for all new teachers at ITU
  • TA workshop for teaching assistants at ITU

Areas of responsibility

  • Constructive Alignment
  • Pedagogical competence development of teachers (planning, methods and implementation)
  • Collection, information and dialogue about good teaching practice
  • Course evaluation
  • Organisation of seminars and smaller sessions for teachers on topics related to teaching and assessment
  • Coaching & supervision
  • Quality assurance & strategic development of educational aspects of programmes
  • Pedagogical principles at the IT University
  • Distribution of information about external seminars, networks,journals and web sites related to pedagogy