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Introductory Teacher Development Programme for PhDs

The course will start again in August 2017

The Introductory Teacher Development Programme for PhDs is offered by the PhD School in collaboration with Learning Support at ITU. The course is mandatory for all new PhD students since August 2012 and must be taken parallel to the first semester you teach. It takes place in the period before course start (teaching at ITU) and ends when you have completed the 5 modules. This course is a generic course, and you will obtain 3 ECTS for your participation.

Note, that part of the course is based on your teaching! So if you are not teaching at ITU during the semester, you should wait with taking the course until a semester when you do. The course is not about supervision of students.

All questions regarding the course should be directed to learning consultant Julie Lyngsø Berg Jacobsen, juja@itu.dk , Learning Support.

Normally, all PhD students at ITU will teach several classes. This course offers background knowledge and tools to plan, conduct and evaluate own teaching more effectively. Besides, it provides concrete feedback on one of the PhD's lectures/class sessions.

You can read the full course description here.