How can I engage my students in learning?


  • What does it mean to engage students in learning?
  • What models exist to guide planning to engage students effectively?
  • What challenges need to be overcome to engage students in learning?

Engaging students has to do with holding their attention and focusing them on their learning.

Ideally, your students will be engaged throughout the course that you are teaching. Engaging your students at this level requires careful design and planning of courses and programmes. You will also want your students to be actively engaged with all the aspects of the particular learning activities that you plan for them. This means that you need to deliver teaching to facilitate learning.

If you can show that you are engaging your students in learning then you will have gone some way towards evidencing an overall satisfactory teaching performance.
  • Consider your own teaching. Are there particular areas of your teaching where you would like to work on student engagement?
  • If you identify a particular course or a particular part of the course where you can work on student engagement, you might want to start by making a note of the challenges and/or opportunities that present themselves.
  • Once you have made a note of the challenges you might want to start a record to document the challenge along with the actions that you are going to take to meet that challenge.