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Using e-portfolios at the IT University - Choices and background

At present e-portfolios are used throughout the study programme Digital Media and Design (DMD). Approximately 70 students have created a personal portfolio during a first semester course and are expected to use it for other courses throughout the course of the study programme.

The DMD study programme includes teaching within the areas of light-weight technical, graphical, as well as communication competences related to online presentation. It was decided to use the portfolio as an entrance to engage the students in learning of all these areas during the first semester course: "Dissemination, Project Work and Web Design". The requirements for the learning outcomes of creating the portfolio were as follows:

  1. The students must learn the basic technical skills of creating their own online portfolio, including; basic ftp access to a web-server, CSS, and easy modifications of PHP-files
  2. The students must have full access to modify the graphical interface
  3. The students must still have access to the portfolio after graduation
  4. The portfolio must allow both showcasing and reflection exercises (requiring a blog or comment function)

On evaluation of various available e-portfolio tools, it was evident that it was not possible to find an existing system that would support all 4 above points and at the same time integrate with the remaining systems at the IT University. Therefore, it was chosen to let the students purchase their own personal domain and server space - and teach them how to install and use Wordpress as an e-portfolio.