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Constructive Alignment / SOLO

At ITU we have an ongoing implementation process on Constructive Alignment. We have come far in establishing a common language for discussing course planning at the IT University.

Text introduction to Constructive Alignment (short ITU version)
Constructive alignment in a nutshell:
Video introduction to Constructive Alignment , (1 hour from internal seminar) Claus Brabrand, Associate Prof., ITU
Guidelines for course descriptions (SOLO taxonomy ect.)

The constructive alignment seminar 2009 about teaching & learning activities (videos and slides from presentations)
The constructive alignment seminar 2010 about assessment & evaluation (videos and slides from presentations)

Biggs & Tang: Teaching for Quality Learning at University (Third edition 2007)
Leth Andersen, Hanne: Hanne Leth Andersen: Constructive alignment - risikoen for en forsimplende universitetspƦdagogik
(Pdf Article, DUT9 2010) (Sorry only in Danish)